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Wed Nov 19 15:37:05 CET 2008

>Ok. But in which section of radiusd.conf or sites-available/file should 
>I use unlang ? in post-proxy section ?

Yes, just like attribute filter.

>Shall i use switch again to the corresponding realms ?
>man unlang says:
>-= Remove all matching attributes from the list
>I don't want to remove attributes, but to filter some attributes 
>(Tunnel-Private-Group-id)  which must  have 2 possible values:  VLAN1 or 
>VLAN2  for a given realm.

Can you first post the debug and explain what did you expect to happen
but didn't (or what you didn't expect to happen but did). If it is
multiple values for same attribute over multiple realms you are better
off with attribute filter.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik informatika ISP

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