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> >I have 1 WAP54G that works sometimes. Read the thread in the links I
> >included for more details. I used tcpdump to see if any data got
> >through.
> >
> Nothing will go through the switch if mac filtering is enabled. You need
> to see if packets are leaving the AP.
How can I check that? Does the WAP54G have the option to check that? As
far as I can see, I can only check if any data gets to the

Besides, no filtering is enabled. All data from the internal network van
reach the radius-server. That's proven, because in some cases, the
Radius-server recieves data from the AP and I get a successfull logon.

According to this thread, the problem occures as soon as one of the
requests of the WAP54G is unsuccessful (a package is lost):

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