Unlang / Username modification

Nemec Christopher Christopher.Nemec at lotterien.at
Tue Nov 25 14:23:14 CET 2008

Hello list;

our freeradius is used to authenticate MAC-addresses (locally) and
"humans" (against the windows AD). Therefor I would to like use unlang
to seperate MAC-addresses from humans as they need to be treated
differentely; the MAC-address authentication works fine; so does the
proxying to the realm called "office". 

However I am stuck with these two tasks:

a) Append the "office" prefix to the username (since we are lazy and do
not want to type in the domain name when we log on to one of our
b) proxy the request to the AD

I have placed the following lines of code in the radiusd.conf file:

if (User-Name="nemec") {
	Proxy-To-Realm := "office"

However they are not being executed. Do they need to be at the top of
the file? Is the syntax correct?

radiusd -X runs with no errors and correctly processes all other
requests, but does not proxy to the "office" realm.


Oesterreichische Lotterien Gesellschaft m.b.H., Rennweg 44, A-1038 Wien,
FN 54472 g, Handelsgericht Wien, DVR-Nr: 0476706
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