RSASecurid and PEAP

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 26 12:01:48 CET 2008

Paul TAVERNIER wrote:
>     1) i want to authorize/authenticate a user with a couple
> username/OTPpassword (RSASecurid) through a Freeradius server (i proxy
> the acces-request to a RSARadius-Securid server). It's ok.

  What do you mean "It's OK"?  Have you tested this with
cleartext-passwords, MS-CHAP, PEAP, or ...?

>     2) (then, if i get an Access-Accept) (in a post-proxy section?) i want
> to initiate an EAP Challenge between my XP-Wireless-supplicant client
> and FREERADIUS (not the RSA radius)...

  That's not how EAP works.  The supplicant and NAS control how the
protocol works, and you can't change things on the RADIUS server.

>     Can i configure something like that


  Alan DeKok.

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