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Hi Elom
What version of freeradius are you using??
In version 2.0.4 you can't do that

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  I'm a user of daloRADIUS. I set up successfuly coovaAp for redirection. Now i want to configure FreeRADIUS for authentification. Here are some settings:

  Server FreeRADIUS:
  Bind address: *
  Port: 0.

  Must i use Listen options and add the real address? that is
  What about clients.conf file? Must i add also the NAS address or set it on

  I ask these questions because of the fact that radtest didn't match with these settings!

  I need your help because i'm just a beginner!


      ETSE Elom, Etudiant en fin de formation en informatique au CIC/UL-TOGO   



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