Is it possible to recognize clients not by their IP addresses?

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With "dynamic clients" there is a (coming soon...) way to do it.
Alan is going to make the NAS-Identifier available in a future release to
the "dynamic clients" section.
When this has been done, you should be able to "authenticate a nas" using
the identifier/password.
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Absolutely not.

How does the RADIUS server know which NAS is talking to it?
It needs to know which secret to use.


Nov 27, 2008 01:01:41 PM, freeradius-users at wrote:

The format of ${raddbdir} /clients.conf defines NAS by its IP pool.
And what if I'd like to have a pool of NASes each using unique secret
but not to specyfy their IP or domain names to the freeradius config
Is it possible to do so?

When I was trying to create 2 client sections for same IP pool but
diferent secrets only the second was working.
secret = test1
shortname = public1
secret = test2
shortname = public2

And with such configuration sending requests with 'secret = test1'
always fails :(
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