R: R: NAS-Identifier and radgroupcheck table

Arrigo Savio a.savio at bascom.it
Wed Jan 7 12:44:22 CET 2009

I followed your suggestion, but I still have the problem. I put
       Auth-Type := Reject 
at the bottom of users file. 

I have a mysql database containing users, not file: this could be a problem?


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>MMM... Not so easy...
>I made other tests, but I had a wrong profile on user table. I corrected
>profile and I still have my problem.
>At the moment I can classify users belonging to a group, and all is OK. The
>problem is for users that don't belong to any group. They are still
>authenticated (I read that this is the expected behaviour).
>I'd like to send by default an Access-Reject reply to everybody, sending
>Access-Accept only to "grouped" one.

Put DEFAULT   Auth-Type := Reject in users file. Add Auth-Type Accept
with := as op in radgroupcheck for each group.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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