Handing out duplicate IP addresses

Dave dave at optionsdsl.ca
Mon Jan 19 02:16:03 CET 2009

I made this modification to the ippool.conf and still testing it, I have 
not seen the issue yet again but I havent loaded the server down.
I made some other modifications to the server and database to try to 
make it move as fast possible but removing
non-used modules, database indexing, other stuff.  I will keep an eye on 
it, but so far its already working better than it
has in years. 

> I think that best thing to do is to prevent subsequent updates by
> altering the allocate-update (adding "AND expiry_time IS NULL" at the
> end should do it). That way only first one will update the row while
> others will fail (update 0 rows). It should be possible for logic to
> detect that no rows were updated and fail the module.

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