Pls help: missing Stop accounting packets

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Fri Jan 23 17:23:50 CET 2009

>I'm using FreeRadius 2.1.3 on 2 Linux machines with accounting data stored in both radacct file and MySQL database.  Recently we found that some 'aged' records have AcctStopTime = NULL.    Seems Stop accounting packet for these records are not received.  The problem is consistent in both cases - such Stop packets didn't recorded in radacct file and MySQL database.     I've no idea whether the stop packet sent to radius server was not recorded, or if  stop packet was not sent from AP.   As we're using Aruba AP, I wonder if Stop packet will be missed under particular situation, e.g. session timeout, disconnect without proper logout, etc., or if I configured our radius servers incorrectly so that some stop packets are not received or recorded.

No. UDP is not 100% reliable and packets get lost from time to time on a
busy network.

>Meanwhile, I'd also like to know if there is any solution to clean up such orphan records if they can't be avoided. script cleans up stale sessions for Simultaneous-Use checks.
You can use it to do the same for every session. You have a list of NAS
types it works with in clients.conf.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP
>Would anyone please help?  Sorry for the newbie question.  Thanks a lot.
>Best Regards,
>/ST Wong
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