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Sat Jan 24 11:08:53 CET 2009

> From experience, what would be the best server configuration for
>200,000 users with 75,000 concurrent users throttling 50,000
>connections per second (with 1 NAS Client) in terms of:

Your network usage numbers look very wrong. 200,000 users are highly
unlikely to use 75,000 concurrent connections and 75,000 connections are
most unlikely to produce 50,000 requests per second - that would mean
average session time of less than 5 seconds!!!

200,000 users with peak contention ratio of 10:1 and average session time
of 10 minutes will produce about 100 requests per second at peak times.
A single database might struggle with this peak rate. You should
consider using something like buffered-sql virtual server: that will
keep authentication working at max pace, while accounting might lag a
few seconds at peak times but it will catch up when demand drops.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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