Seg Fault - Not much info..

Thor jagintesvenska at
Mon Jan 26 00:58:08 CET 2009


I'm running Freeradius 2.1.3 on my Ubuntu 8.04 machine. Basically, my 
setup is a VPN system linked to freeradius via a specialized plugin.

Before I updated my freeradius (from the old 1.x), everything was 
working fine. Now that I have updated to 2.1.3, I can't seem to get it 
working again.

Taking the VPN and plugin out of the mix, I run my freeradius in -X 
mode, then send a 'radtest' authentication packet. The freeradius server 
receives the request:

    rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host port 46625,
    id=69, length=93
            User-Name = "test"
            User-Password = "test"
            NAS-IP-Address =
            NAS-Port = 1812

Then, straight away I am faced with:

    +- entering group authorize {...}
    Segmentation fault

This is all the info that I am receiving from the freeradius server - 
and not being very knowledgeable on freeradius - I am pretty stumped as 
to what my problem is.

I have had a glance around the 'authorize' section, and it contains:

    authorize {

        #  auth_log
        #  digest
        #  IPASS
        #  ntdomain
        #  eap {
        #     ok = return
        #  }
        #  unix
        #  files
        #  etc_smbpasswd
        #  ldap
        #  daily
        #  checkval
        #   expiration
        #  logintime
        #    Auth-Type Status-Server {
        #    }


which is exactly as it was on my old version.

Any ideas?


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