Different realms for different databases

liran tal liransgarage at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 21:48:08 CET 2009


To allow authentication of different realms for 2 different databases
the setup for the authentication
is quite straight forward with the Autz-Type directive as follows:

authenticate {
   Autz-Type SQL_EXAMPLE2 {

Although the same trick wouldn't work for the accounting { } section
as it complains on the Autz-Type directive:
Error: ERROR: Cannot find a configuration entry for module "Autz-Type".
Error: radiusd.conf[2089] Unknown module "Autz-Type".
Error: radiusd.conf[2058] Failed to parse accounting section.

What would be the way to configure accounting for the different realms
in their correct databases?

FreeRADIUS 1.1.7 and MySQL 5.


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