Fair usage package implementation

Ming-Ching Tiew mctiew at yahoo.com
Sat May 9 23:32:43 CEST 2009

--- On Sat, 5/9/09, Ivan Kalik <tnt at kalik.net> wrote:

> Yes. You can put if statement before update coa and make it
> conditional.
> Just like with updating any other list.

OK point gotten. Further to this I have added update coa into preacct,
the conditional update coa has no error, but I get a WARNING upon
receiving accounting packets from NAS :-

Sending Accounting-Response of id 5 to port 3790
WARNING: Unknown destination for CoA request.
Do CoA Fail handler here
Finished request 9.

For this particular NAS, I have set up the coaport to be
3790, as you can see in the radius reply the radius server is sending
Accounting-Response to it.

Why there is a warning of 'Unknown destination for CoA
request' ? Is it because the NAS is not setup properly to listen to
port 3799 ? Where does the figure 3799 come from, a standard port number ?



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