MySQL radacct backup

David david at
Wed May 13 19:40:38 CEST 2009

>> I've a full working freeradius server on an Ubuntu server.
>> My accounting table grows and grows so I'd like to backup my data in
>> any way; before I write my own procedure, does the server (freeradius)
>> provide any utility? 
>No. CREATE TABLE radacct_old LIKE radacct. Copy entries older than x
>months (INSERT INTO radacct_old SELECT * FROM radacct WHERE ...) and
>delete them from radacct (DELETE FROM radacct WHERE ...) once a month.
>Ivan Kalik
>Kalik Informatika ISP
You may also create your table with the archive engine to save space: 1:4 if
my memory is correct. The downside is there's no index so it takes more time
to query your table, but that's for occasional use I suppose

David Roze

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