two user authentication groups for one AS

Eric bbahar3 at
Sat Jan 2 11:29:44 CET 2010

My users differ in ldap attributes. I want session-timeout of some users to
be the value of counter and for others the session-timeout that I define in
freeradius for them.
How should I distinct them?

> Excuse me.
> The packets from vpn server to ldap-1 are the same as  ldap-2.


> I want
> only in have ldap ldap-1 and ldap-2 for theses users.

  How will you tell them apart?

  Think of how you will get "user 1" to use "ldap-1", and "user 2" to
use "ldap-2".

  FreeRADIUS isn't magic.  It cannot magically determine which user
should go to which ldap server.  *You* need to figure out how to make
that decision, and then write the configuration for FreeRADIUS to use.
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