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> Hi,
> I have Freeradius configured using a mysql backend. I want users to be
> able to connect only if their Calling-Station-Id is the same as the
> attribute I specify in the radcheck table in mysql. For example:
> |312|test at|Calling-Station-Id | == | "phonenumber"
> |298|test at|MD5-Password       | := | password
> supposedly, I want to allow user test to only connect from this
> phonenumber, but when I really test the account I find that user test
> can connect from any phone number. So I really don't know what to do, I
> already tried to use different combinations of operators. Can anyone
> help me?
> in the radreply table I have this:
> |111|test at|Auth-Type|:=|Accept|
> thanks in advance.
> -

Try using += operator and the phonenumber if the number of the user is  
8724466 put 7 at the begin , for example: 78724466.

You can put radius in debug mode for check why is reject the access.


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