Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Wed Jan 6 17:05:36 CET 2010

Osmany <osmany at> writes:

>> If you would like this test user connect from another phone number, 
>> simply add another entry in the same table, just as you did before.
> Add another entry with the Calling-Station-Id attribute? Let's see if I
> understand. After I add the other entry in the table it would look like
> this:
> |312|test at|Calling-Station-Id | == | "phonenumber"
> |298|test at|MD5-Password       | := | password
> |313|test at|Calling-Station-Id | += | "phonenumber"
> Let me just clarify that I tried this before and when I try to connect with this user, 
> freeradius does not let me.

No, that won't work. All the check items must match for FreeRADIUS to
consider the user.  Testing the same attribute for equality with two
different values is pointless.

You'd either have to use groups, or much simpler:  Use the regexp
operator to match Calling-Station-Id against a regexp of all the values
you want to allow.  I.e
  Calling-Station-Id =~ phonenumber|phonenumber|etc

This will also allow you to ignore leading digits (area codes etc),
match on a seqence of numers, etc etc.


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