Cisco-AVpair accounting client-mac-address with unlang

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Fri Jan 8 18:29:51 CET 2010

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Joe Maimon wrote:
>> I could use vsa hack. But it is a hack and its impact is a bit larger
>> than the actual functionality I want. I just want to leave everything
>> else unchanged but to have the mac address represented as
>> calling-station-id, which for anything ethernet and not POTS related, it
>> is.
>    That's a pretty specific need.  I suggest Perl for complex programming.

I wanna use unlang! (I could also be convinced to use rlm_policy)

>    Hmm... much of this work could be relegated to the radius_do_cmp()
> function.  It needs to do:
> a) return if condition matches
> b) continue if it doesn't match

Thats where I have been poking at it.

>    With some sanity checks to ensure that:
> 	(Foo != bar)
>    is the same as
> 	!(Foo == bar)
>    Alan DeKok.

Didnt think of that yet. I am certain there are other complications.

I know you can do this better than I can, but I will probably keep trying.


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