FR 2.1.8 Issue - Unjustified(?) Access-Rejects.

Alexander Clouter alex at
Tue Jan 12 15:49:38 CET 2010

Stefan Winter <stefan.winter at> wrote:
>>> Is this likely to be a configuration error (no changes were made to the
>>> 2.1.7 config), or a bug?
>>   Try increasing the size of the cache.  Try ensuring that there is
>> always a User-Name in the inner tunnel.  This user name is cached, and
>> is checked on session resumption.
> How does this work together with anonymous outer ids? I.e. if outer
> User-Name = anon at and the inner User-Name is stefan at, then
> the cache contains a session for stefan at
> On session resumption, there is no inner tunnel exchange, there's a
> packet User-Name = anon at and an EAP-Message with SSL magic (but
> no inner User-Name)... So how does FreeRADIUS know what to look up in
> the cache? Or am I missing something here?
You get the inner-tunnel to return in the reply packet the inner 
User-Name (you probably are doing this already to fixup your accounting 
packets properly) and it's that reply response which is cached by the 
session-resumption cache thingy mcwhatsit.

Works rather nicely here.  It's a minor ballache with load-balancers and 
overlapping 'eduroam' domains mind you...but that is a non-trivially[1] 
solved problem and something I can live with as it rarely crops up.


[1] you need to share the SSL session cache between your different 
	FreeRADIUS boxen, the support for that is not in OpenSSL yet if 
	I remember correctly (or was it FreeRADIUS).  This would be done 
	with some file that could probably be NFS shared or something or 
	other with locking safely enough

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