FR 2.1.8 Issue - Unjustified(?) Access-Rejects.

Arran Cudbard-Bell arran.cudbard-bell at
Tue Jan 12 19:27:59 CET 2010

> Random info: PEAP/SoH in fact *does* send traffic inside the tunnel on 
> session resumption - the spec has the SoH exchanged even when resumed, 
> adding a round trip, but it doesn't re-run the inner mschap auth. Weird.
The authentication state hasn't changed if the session can be 
re-established. The authorisation state however, may have, which is why 
the SoH is sent on every authentication attempt.

If you didn't send the SoH on resumption, the neat 'spot check' and 
periodic re-checking that you can do using various triggers for 
re-authentication would go away.


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