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On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Bryan Boone <bryan-boone at> wrote:

>  I have a small network of about 10 windows XP machines.  I need to set
> these machines up so that my users can log into any of these machines.
> For me the simplest solution to solve this would be a windows 2003 server
> domain controller.  Unfortunately due to some corporate restrictions I
> cannot install a windows server.
> I was told that a Radius server could accomplish the same thing for me.  Is
> this true?


I'm not the ultimate FreeRADIUS authority, but I think you'll find RADIUS is
a poor solution for this, if indeed a solution at all.

If you can't set up a Windows server to do this job, the best way to meet
this need is to run Samba on a Linux machine.  If you run it in domain
control mode, it'll act very much like a Windows server for the purposes
you're talking about.

Check out for details on Samba.  And for what it's worth I
would lean toward using CentOS as the core platform (of course opinions vary
on this point).  The book "Samba-3 by Example" gives an excellent guide to
the setup if you need one.  It's available online at

Good luck!


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