Maja Wolniewicz mgw at umk.pl
Wed Jan 20 21:14:17 CET 2010

W dniu 10-01-20 08:52, Alan DeKok pisze:
> Maja Wolniewicz wrote:
>> A few changes in FreeRADIUS are needed to provide some configuration
>> variables to the hostap EAP library.
>    Could you send the changes as a patch?  That way we can apply them to
> the server, and make it easier for everyone else.
I attach the patch.

>> The biggest problem is that this solution works only with eapol_test
>> client. In real world, on the wireless network we managed to
>> authenticate using EAP-FAST on FreeRADIUS only with anonymous PAC
>> provisioning, because EAP fragmentation seems to be not handled.
>    I think that's an issue with the hostap library.  Maybe there's an API
> for FreeRADIUS to set MTU for the library.  (I haven't looked recently)
>    Alan DeKok.
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