Can't Assign IP address my users

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 21 07:51:02 CET 2010

Tevfik Ceydeliler wrote:
>   Hi Alain,
> According your suggestion I delete " Packet-Type == Access-Request" -I wrote down to config according to SecOvid manual-,

  <shrug>  The manual is wrong.

> and,I dont think that problem is home server because home server accept requests when user IP comes from IP pool.

  Read the debug output: the home server is rejecting the user.

  Also, the proxy isn't returning an IP address:

> Wed Jan 20 10:01:07 2010 : Info: [main_pool] Could not find Pool-Name attribute.
> Wed Jan 20 10:01:07 2010 : Info: ++[main_pool] returns noop

  Go fix that.

  Alan DeKok.

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