ldap rebind?

freeradius at corwyn.net freeradius at corwyn.net
Wed Jan 27 02:33:48 CET 2010

At 07:16 PM 1/26/2010, Alan DeKok wrote:
>freeradius at corwyn.net wrote:
> > In the release notes for 2.1.8 it says:
> > Document "chase_referrals" and "rebind" in raddb/modules/ldap
> > which is no different than 2.1.8.   What's different? Is this
> > documentation somewhere? I'm especially interested in rebind. Wat's it do?
>   It re-sends authentication credentials for referrals.
>   Active Directory has a habit of referring LDAP clients to a
>*different* LDAP server.  The client needs to re-authenticate to that
>server before it answers queries.

Intereesting. What errors does freeradius thrown when this occurs? 
(since I'm still troubleshooting my ldap woes)


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