How to start to use freeradius for wimax?

Johan Meiring jmeiring at
Thu Jan 28 17:44:03 CET 2010

Alan DeKok wrote:
>> Since I am a new user of the freeradius, I don't even know how to start
>> my experiment for wimax AAA. I found little document for it.
>> Could anyone kindly tell me how to start the learning?
>   There is no special "WiMAX" configuration.  You just need to configure
> the server to send back the attributes that you need.  This is the same
> process for WiFi, DSL, WiMAX, etc.
>   See your ASN GW documentation for which attributes it needs.

Also read EVERY SINGLE FILE under your freeradius installation. And use 
2.1.8 (or maybe 2.1.7)

There is lots of documentation (in the config files and the docs directory) 
that explain everything, and that will probably only start making sense the 
more you read.


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