Freeradius kerberos

Thiago Gonzaga B. Galvão thiagobandinha at
Thu Jul 8 00:21:57 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

I have the following situation on my network...

I have an Openldap server working as well, and it stores all my users 

I configure a Kerberos server to use this openldap as a backend...

We would like to implement an Single Sign On to our "web intranet" using 
kerberos tickets...

The user will authenticates onto a freeradius server, it will refer to external 
source kerberos, and kerberos will be configured with openldap backend (the 
openldap server that i have).

Is it possible??? Instead of freeradius directly authenticates to ldap, it would 
pass by kerberos, and kerberos communicates with openldap... if userame/passwork 
ok, the user will be authenticated and receive a kerberos's ticket...

And my clients are mostly windows... Is it possible with this scenario that I 
want, windows clients get kerberos tickets to make a Single Sign On, on my web 



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