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Peer Kohlstetter kohlstetter at blue-networks.de
Fri Jul 30 22:22:00 CEST 2010



I have a freeradius server running since some days.


Everything is working fine for normal users:


username at domain.de


In the proxy.conf I have configured:


Realm domain.de {

                authhost = local

                accthost = local



In the users file I configure for the username a entry:


username           Cleartext-Password := "password"



I now have the problem that I have also users in the following format


username#group at domain.de


I must use this format because of some special settings on the Radius
server of my partner.


My problem is that my freeradius server is handling the # like the
letter for comment. If I add the # sign into my users or proxy.conf file
the syntax is not correct any more.


Can somebody help me with that problem?


thanks and best regards,





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