vlan and freeradius

Jens Link lists at quux.de
Wed Mar 3 15:34:56 CET 2010

omega bk <omegabk at gmail.com> writes:


> so i would like to redirect my winxp authenticated to VLAN1 and if not
> authenticated , this client must be in vlan2
> i got a switch cisco
> so how to handla this with freeradius?

Depends on how you do the authentication: 

Using certificates (either machine based or user based) 802.1x is the
way to go if it's okay for you to use only the MAC address of the client
(and you are using Cisco) VMPS might be worth a look.

@Alan: I would document VMPS in some more detail in the wiki if my
access would be working. ;-)

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