Can a wpa_supplicant talk to a Free Radius server without a NAS in between?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Mar 4 07:50:47 CET 2010

R C wrote:
> and even if i run 5-6 eapol_test processes at the same time, there will
> be only 5-6 parallel sessions at any given time.

  So... run more processes on more machines.

> 2. Since there are no free wpa supplicants that can generate multiple
> separate sessions at the same time, do you know of any paid tools
> (non-open source) that might generate about a 100,000 client requests?

  No. Generating 100K TLS requests will likely take dozens of CPUs, each
running at maximum capacity, just to do all of the crypto overhead.

  So... run more processes on more machines.

> I am just asking this question hoping some one would have had a similar
> requirement.

  No.  Because the requirement is rather extreme, a more than a little

  i.e. Q: What happens when I send my web server 100K HTTPS connections?
       A: it dies.

       Q: How do I generate 100K HTTPS connections from clients?
       A: post a link on slashot.

  Alan DeKok.

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