A question about the NAS-Port on FreeRadiusServer 2.1.4 + Postgresql 8.4.2

蔡暮章 alaxis2002 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 5 07:34:15 CET 2010

    we are working on the FreeRadiusServer 2.1.4 + Postgresql 8.4.2, and trying to authenticate different 'users' according to the NAS-Port in the request packets. We build the db table 'nas' by the scripts nas.sql:
 * Table structure for table 'nas'
        id              SERIAL PRIMARY KEY,
        nasname         VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL,
        shortname       VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL,
        type            VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'other',
        ports           int4,
        secret          VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
        server          VARCHAR(64),
        community       VARCHAR(50),
        description     VARCHAR(200)
    Since the 'ports' column exists in the table 'nas', we wonder if it has some relationship with the NAS-Port in the request packets. We tried some values for the column, but didn't work. Anyone can tell me the meaning of the column 'ports'?
    Now we can configure a virtual server for each NAS (by the column 'server' of the table 'nas'). Can I configure a virtual server for each NAS-Port? If so, how can I acheive that? Thank you!
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