notifying another server on accounting

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 5 21:59:42 CET 2010

Michael Fowler wrote:
> Unfortunately, we seem to be hitting a wall in terms of packets
> transmitted to the vendor.  It is my understanding that the detail
> reader is serial in nature, meaning it only sends one packet to the
> vendor (in this case), and will not send another until it gets a
> response.  The vendor is over a slow link, or the packets are otherwise
> delayed, so we are getting a backlog of detail entries.  The detail
> file is filling faster than it can be flushed to the vendor.

  Yes, that is a bit of an issue.

> My question is, how can we fix this?

  Hack the code. :(

> A few ideas have been batted around.  One is to write some code (via
> rlm_perl or rlm_python) that essentially does what the entire
> writer/reader combination is doing, only in parallel.  Meaning, it
> handles transmitting and retransmitting to the vendor.  In the short
> term this might be viable, but it's reinventing wheels, and it's hard to
> justify long-term given most of the people dealing with this are not
> programmers.

  Too much work.

> Another was to somehow load-balance the readers.  I cannot find a
> configuration example to support this, but would it be possible, and
> more importantly useful, to have multiple readers pointing to the same
> detail file?

  Fix the reader to handle more than one packet.

  The issue right now is that it only tracks where it is in the "detail"
file in memory.  It *could* have an auxiliary file giving:

- packet offset
  - packet data (received response, last sent data, etc.)

   This should be tracked automatically, and cleaned up when the detail
file is deleted.

  There are a number of corner cases to deal with (files getting out of
sync, etc.), but it's possible.

  Alan DeKok.

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