Accounting and Segmentation Fault

matthew.stringer at matthew.stringer at
Tue Mar 16 18:16:16 CET 2010

Hi all, I am a bit of a FreeRadius newbie and am having some issues with the accounting, getting segmentation fault reported back.

I have FreeRadius 2.1.8 running on CentOS 5.4, set up in a pretty basic configuration. It is authenticating to a MySQL database that contains records for 300,000 users, again very basic info in the database. I am using RadPerf version 1.1a to have a number of users authenticated and then asking for accounting requests, the number needs to be up to 200,000 but at the moment I am having issues with 1,000 users. Basically RadPerf goes off and starts the authentication and then comes back and reports 'Segmentation Fault (Core Dump)' and then stops everything.

Anybody got any ideas that may help with this?

Thanks in advance

Matt Stringer

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