Clients Configuration on MySQL

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Mar 18 12:33:05 CET 2010


> Could we move clients.conf to mysql table ?


> How to do that ?

its well documented.... but basically, you need to

1) import the nas.sql  so that your MySQL has the right table/structure
2) edit the mysql/dialup.conf make sure that nas_query is not commented

finally, edit sql.conf..right near the bottom you will find this:

        # Set to 'yes' to read radius clients from the database ('nas' table)
        # Clients will ONLY be read on server startup.  For performance
        # and security reasons, finding clients via SQL queries CANNOT
        # be done "live" while the server is running.
        #readclients = yes

read the text. uncomment the readclients

if you DO want new clients to work without restarting the service, then
enable the dynamic-clients virtual host.  read the dynamic-clients config
well - it makes pretty good sense and is trivial to operate.


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