pap authentication for freeradius

jittinan suwanrueangsri jittinan2 at
Mon Mar 22 09:54:59 CET 2010

Dear All

I have added an user in /usr/local/etc/users and /etc/shadow but passwod in
both place are different.

First, I try to authenticate by pap protocol then I can login correctly by
supply shell account password but can not login by supply password which
reside in users file.
Second,I have created another account which exits only in users file but not
/etc/shadow then I can login correctly

It's seem that  rlm_pap module select password which reside in /etc/shadow
file before /usr/local/etc/users file.

How can I change freeradius configure to select password from users file

What is different between := and == operator? I have already readed man page
but it does not make me clear.

Thank You
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