configuring multiple ldap servers

V Jyothi-B22245 B22245 at
Tue Mar 23 07:53:07 CET 2010

I want to understand in freeradius with rlm_ldap, 
Is it possible to configure multiple LDAP servers in Freeradius and the
freeradius uses different LDAP server for different requests.
Is it possible to add some kind of id in radius requests, so that
freeradius makes use of that ID to choose which LDAP server can be used
for that request.
I am new to this freeradius.
Please help me to get some understanding ??
We can configure one LDAP server in freeradius radiusd.conf ldap
section?? but how to configure multiple LDAP servers and what is the
purpose of filter id attribute in freeradius??
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