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Sat Mar 27 11:23:09 CET 2010

--On 27 March 2010 12:07 +0600 "Rabidinov M.A." <tuxper at> wrote:

> Hello, Freeradius-users.

> I use freeradius 2.1.8 with MySQL.
> Freeradius doesn't insert realm into radacct table.
> [suffix] Looking up realm "un" for User-Name = "tuxper at un"
> [suffix] No such realm "un"
> ++[suffix] returns noop

> As seen, there is no any data in %{Realm}.

Refer to man rlm_realm

...realms have to be defined in proxy.conf for suffix to recognise them:

realm un {

Alternatively, use a regex in unlang to split the username as you wish.


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