Help with executing accounting!

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Mar 27 18:01:28 CET 2010

Mohamed Abdulla wrote:
> I am new to using freeradius. I am in the process of integrating
> freeradius with "ipoque", which is a bandwidth control device. IPOQUE
> expects to see an accounting request from the radius server with
> specific attributes embedded,

   That device is completely broken.  This violates the RADIUS
specifications in a number of ways.

> in order to control the bandwidth of the
> logged-in user. The scenario I am trying to realize is as follows:
>    1. For each user wishing to authenticate with freeradius, I have
>       added two attributes in "users.conf" file.

  Please be careful about terminology.  It matters.

  There is *no* "users.conf" file.

> The first attribute is
>       "Framed-IP-Address", while the second is a VSA "ipoque-class".
>    2. When the user successfully authenticate with the freeradius, and
>       after the freeradius sends Access-Accept, I want the radclient.exe

 Again... there is no "radclient.exe"

>       to automatically send Accounting request to ipoque, including the
>       following: User-Name, Framed-IP-Address, Accounting-Status-Type=
>       Start and ipoque-class as configured in users.conf file. This
>       should inform ipoque device about the user IP and the class of
>       that user in order to apply th proper bandwidth rules for that
>       user category.
> I have started by creating a test user in users.conf as follows:
> shafzeen    Auth-Type := Local, User-Password == "1234"
>  Framed-IP-Address = "",
>  ipoque-class = "raduser"
> then I created a text file named "ipoquestart.txt" with the following
> content:
> User-Name = "%{User-Name}",
> Framed-IP-Address = "%{reply:Framed-IP-Address}",
> Acct-Status-Type = Start,
> ipoque-class = "%{reply:ipoque-class}"

  That won't work.  radclient does NOT expand variables like %{}.

  See scripts/exec-program-wait for an example of how to access the
attributes from a program.

  I also suggest asking the ipoque people to contact me.  Their device
does NOT implement RADIUS correctly, and there are many *better* ways to
 set bandwidth control.

  Alan DeKok.

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