Bug fixes on v2.1.8

Sergio sergioyebenes at alumnos.upm.es
Sat Mar 27 19:39:56 CET 2010

Hi people,

and developers, i can see that you finally fixed a bug that i and others 
like me mentioned at this forum at least one year ago. I'm glad to see it :)

To be precise, i'm talking about the fix that "sign client certificates 
with CA, rather than server certs". And here i was, talking alone one 
year ago on this thread:

cert bootstrap bug? (was Re: definitely, I have a problem with eap-tls)

In spite of that, i'd like to say that freeradius is a great job, 
congratulations to its developers. I think is the most configurable 
server. OCSP would be great!!

bye and thanks :)


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