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Zhang, Ge (Gina) gina.zhang at
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Thanks for your advise. I ran radiusd with valgrind. The only leak when processing a request is in rlm_wimax.
After I fixed it, I still see RES memory increases with each request processing. Could you please help with
the following questions?

1. Where does the caches happen with the authentication protocol suite set to eap-ttls+mschapv2?  
2. How big is the caches or it is unlimited? 
3. Is there a timer associating with the cached data? If yes, how long it is and it is configurable?

Gina Zhang

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Zhang, Ge (Gina) wrote:
> I tried 2.1.8 and it leaks memory exactly like 2.1.3. Any other suggestions?

  Are you sure it's a memory leak?

  The server *is* supposed to use memory for various kinds of caching.

  See "valgrind" for tracking down memory leaks.

  Alan DeKok.
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