Freeradius, Active Directory and User's Group

John Dennis jdennis at
Mon Mar 29 21:54:15 CEST 2010

On 03/29/2010 03:13 PM, Lincoln Zuljewic Silva wrote:
> Good afternoon.
> I have a freeradius server to authenticate a Alcatel device (Alcatel
> 5620 SAM). The freeradius server is passing requests for an AD that
> returns OK / NOK for authentication.
> This part is working. However, I need the freeradius check if the
> users are part of some groups. Is this possible?
> I've searched the Internet and read the documentation in
> freeradius.oef, but did not find anything about it.
> I'm using freeradius version 2.1.8.

read doc/ldap_howto.txt

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