Wimax module with Freeradius 2.1.8 on Ubuntu

David Peterson davidp at wirelessconnections.net
Tue Mar 30 14:56:13 CEST 2010

Actually I have seen this issue on Ubuntu myself.  In the source code there is a file which references "stable" modules.  I found it necessary to edit that file and add rlm_wimax in order to have the wimax module compiled.


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Lindsay, Joel wrote:
> I am using ubuntu and wanted to install freeradius.  After installing
> the default unbuntu version of freeradius, I realised that it does not
> support WiMAX.  I then removed the old version, downloaded the latest
> version of freeradius (2.1.8) and built my own package according to the
> build instructions on the freeradius Wiki.  This did not appear to build
> the wimax portions as freeradius crashed stating it could not find the
> shared rlm_wimax.so file (when I ran the server with wimax eneabled in
> the defaults file.  I built this file myself and linked it into the
> directory where all the other freeradius libraries go.  This allowed me
> to start freeradius, but on the first authentication request, I get a
> segmentation fault.

  See doc/bugs

  My guess is that you have multiple versions of the server installed.
Fix that.

> I attempted to recompile from source using ./configure
> –with-experimental-modules and make.  Unfortunately this too failed to
> compile the WiMAX module.

  So... what does the configure / make output say?  It's *not* hard to
read it.  There's a lot of text, but looking for "wimax" should narrow
it down to 30-40 lines, which are easy to understand.

  Alan DeKok.
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