vmps switch-port shutdown

Habegger Lukas, ERZ-AZD-AID-NOC lukas.habegger at erz.be.ch
Wed Sep 29 15:29:51 CEST 2010


I try to shutdown (errdisabled) a port of a cisco3560 with the
vmps-shutdown response. 
i use freeradius 2.1.10 and rlm_perl. Could someone tell me how the
response should 
look like. so fare i have:

$RAD_REPLY{'VMPS-Packet-Type'} = "VMPS-Join-Response";
$RAD_REPLY{'VMPS-Error-Code'} = "VMPS-Shutdown";
$RAD_REPLY{'VMPS-Sequence-Number'} =

i can set the vlan on a port for a specific mac but the port does not go
to errdisabled when i 
use the above.

Thanks for help


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