the WARNING message when client doesn't respond any more...

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Wed Sep 29 16:51:52 CEST 2010


>    Sure.  Send a patch. :)

I'd love to. Added a radlog() for various levels, but it still only goes 
shows up in the debug output. Even L_INFO, L_ERR, even L_CONS - 
"something" prevents them from being dispatched to radius.log. They all 
show up with -X though. I've checked the code in rlm_sql - which I know 
gets into radius.log with its L_INFO, and I don't see what I'm doing 
wrong/different from those. The only obvious difference is that 
rlm_eap/mem.c check_handler is a static function, while the functions in 
rlm_eap.c are not. Maybe someone else feels like digging deeper...

>    The issue is that it's annoying to check this for every single EAP
> conversation.

If your core business is getting EAP authentications right for a large 
user base, that annoyance seems acceptable ;-)

>> (I guess it's asked too much get a handle for this situation and get the
>> ability to execute custom SQL statements for that... right?)
>    That would require a lot more work.  The message appears at a time
> when the request is marked "done", and is no longer being processed.

Thought that much. It's not vitally important.


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