Radacct update at 3 hours

Francois Gaudreault fgaudreault at inverse.ca
Fri Dec 2 17:02:26 CET 2011

Maybe my way of doing things is not the right one, but I had to solve 
the same issue a while ago.  What I did is I changed the simple update 
in sql.conf to a stored procedure call, and in my stored proc, I update 
the radacct entry, but I also insert another record into a "log" table.  
That way I can do my stats easily.

I am sure there is an easiest way of doing it.

On 11-12-02 10:22 AM, Hitesh Vinzoda wrote:
> Hi,
> We want to have accounting records created every 3 hours in case the 
> users are not disconnected to create daily/weekly/monthly report.
> I have gone through all the steps involved till modifying the 
> accounting queries in sql.conf, i realized that my sql.conf is 
> different from one listed at http://freeradius.org/radiusd/raddb/sql.conf
> Now i stalled that whether to modify. I am using FR 2.1.10.
> LNS is setup to send periodic updates every 3 hours and FR is updating 
> the records but the acctstarttime is unchanged and acctstoptime is set 
> to "null" but i can see that the acctinoctets and output octets are 
> updated. We need to have separate record created in MYSQL radacct 
> table once received update from the LNS.
> Any help on this would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
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