more explanation for "EAP session for state ... did not finish!"

Zeus V Panchenko zeus at
Thu Dec 8 14:18:10 CET 2011

Alan DeKok (aland at [11.10.14 13:05] wrote:
> > so, may be it is worth to mention that somewhere amongst the possible
> > causes?
>   The wiki can be edited by anyone.  Go for it.

since you reply i was trying several times to do that ... though i do
not use nither twitter nor github, i registered with github and trying
to authenticate on

but each time i fail with:

Authentication failed
Invalid data from provider, 'info => name' must not be empty or whitespace

so, is it my fail? i can successfully authenticate with github itself,
on theirs site

Zeus V. Panchenko
JID:zeus at			      	        GMT+2 (EET)

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