semulteneius-use with cisco nas

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Dec 9 17:08:42 CET 2011

tolik_shavlovsky at wrote:
> i am really not experienced with freeradius and mysql. I made everything
> with your website.
> I kindly ask you for help.
> i made test in the following manner:
> 1. connect 1st laptop via Ap (NAS) with user/user
> 2. connect second laptop
> simult-use feature should block second one, as i understood.


> from your previuos emailing i understood that acounting is send if we
> use database, so I configured authentication from mysql.
> in the debug i see Accounting-Request packet and Accounting-Response.
> can you describe what is not met??

  Read doc/Simultaneous-Use, Section 3.  It documents what happens for
Simultaneous-Use to work.

  Go check it against the debug output.  Run "radwho" after the first
login to see if FreeRADIUS has recorded that the user has logged in.

  If that information isn't recorded, Simultaneous-Use won't work.
Don't blame FreeRADIUS.  Blame the NAS which is sending useless data.

  Alan DeKok.

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