Accounting-Response dependence

amne at amne at
Wed Dec 14 09:14:26 CET 2011

Alan DeKok-2 wrote
>   Because you only have one server.  Split the server into two
> processes.  One listens on network sockets and writes to the detail
> file.  It shouldn't do anything else.  Another reads from the detail
> file and writes to SQL.

I think this might just work will try it out today and see what's what.

Alan DeKok-2 wrote
>   The problem isn't the detail file.  The problem is that the server
> LOCKS, because all of the threads are locked, because the DB is locked.
>  So it can't write to the detail file.
>   Splitting the server into two processes fixes that.  It allows one
> process to write to the detail file, even if the reader is down, or is
> locked for many seconds.

I didn't say the detail file was at fault. I know the database is the
culprit, but I just wanted a way to have packets written to the detail file
regardless of the database then written to db at its own pace. Two processes
seems like the best idea so far, I don't even know how I missed it.


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