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sorry for wasting your time. I said that i am new in FR and I understand that problem is ME.

I just asked to indicate what exact is wrong, I supposed that maillist was created for such purposes.

Again sorry, for waisting your time.

14 декабря 2011, 13:05 от "Alan DeKok-2 [via FreeRadius]" <ml-node+s1045715n5073936h7 at>:
 [hidden email] wrote:
> i made everything from:
> - enable sql in accounting section of sites-available/default 
> - enable sql in session section of sites-available/default (and 
> sites-available/inner-tunnel, if you use EAP) 
> - uncomment simul_count_query in sql /*/ dialup.conf 
> but it doesn't work((

  The problem is you.

  I replied *twice* with a description of the requirements for
Simultaneous-Use to work.  I described what needs to happen.

  Both times you didn't reply.

  You MUST (1) understand the process, (2) follow the process, checking
the packets && data at each stage.

  You're not doing that.

  Instead, you're focussed on configuration.  No amount of editing the
configuration files will magically make it work.  The configuration
files are just one step out of many.  You are fixated on the
configuration files, and are ignoring ALL OF THE OTHER STEPS.

  I've been on this list for 10 years, and have seen problems like yours
many, many, times.  My best guess is that in your fanatical dedication
to staring at the configuration files, you missed something critical.

  Until you understand that, everyone here is wasting their time by
helping you.

  If you keep wasting peoples time, I will unsubscribe you.  Sorry, but
after 10 years of this kind of behavior, list etiquette has now become
"follow instructions or go away"

  Alan DeKok.
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