semulteneius-use with cisco nas

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Dec 14 10:32:03 CET 2011

Толик Шавловский wrote:
> SQL doesn't SELECT COUNT(*) from radacct. Is this a  problem of  sql configuration?

  You have been told many, many, times what is necessary for accounting
data to be put into SQL.  *Weeks* later, you still don't understand.

  We cannot help you if you refuse to read the response on this list.

  Stop posting questions.  NOW.

  Instead, go through the list archives, and read all of the responses
again.  Double-check that you are following instructions.  Double-check
that you understand what's is going on, and what *needs* to be going on.

  I'm not saying this for your benefit.  You've already made it clear
you have no intention of following instructions on this list.  I'm
saying this so that everyone *else* understands why you will end up
being unsubscribed.

  Alan DeKok.

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