Freeradius as a PIN server?

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Perhaps you may want delivering PIN to user's cellular over SMS. Anyway Freeradius seems not to be enough, at least you would need some external database and web server - both for creating and storing PINs. I did the task using FR, Apache and MySql. As I see, my concept is quite similar to Nick's one.

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On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Peter Moreton <Peter.Moreton at> wrote:
> Sorry for the newbie question, but, quite simply, could Freeradius be 
> configured to provide a simple 'PIN Server' ? - I want users to be 
> able to choose a 4 digit PIN, and then have Freeradius validate Logon 
> requests using the username/PIN combination (in addition to some 
> separate LDAP
> authentication)
> Really, I am looking to build a lightweight 2-factor authentication 
> system, without the expense of RSA SecurID or similar.

I'm afraid knowledge of a PIN and knowledge of a password is not two-factor authentication, it is just more of a one-factor authentication.

Feel free to use our open-source two-factor authentication system:  If someone wants to contribute a freeradius rlm module using one of our api packages, we would greatly appreciate it:


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